Axdwfd Skateboard Skateboard, Teen Adult Entry Four-Wheel Professional Double-up Helmet Protective Gear Set Scooter 80x19x10cm (Color : C)


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  • 608 bearing, high speed, stable life, corrosion resistance, endurance and durability
  • High-elastic car reel, grip lock, 95APU wheel, small sliding sound, no off-axis
  • The surface of the board is made of diamond waterproof sandpaper, which is non-slip and easy to handle.
  • Alloy brackets, optimized structural stress properties, good weight bearing of cast-alloyed alloys, flexible steering and easy control
  • U-shaped foot pocket, control wishful, U-shaped deformation design, lock foot, steering, bending action is more sensitive

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The skateboarding project is the originator of the history of extreme sports, and many of the extreme sports are extended from the skateboarding project.

(Dimensional data are measured by hand. Please understand if there is any error!)

The skills of skateboarding mainly include:

THE AERIALL (on the slider)

THE INVERT (on the U stage)

THE OLLIE (with board jump)

These techniques can be said to be important skateboarding actions besides flaps.

H: [Tips]

Skateboards are assembled and shipped. Due to the different ways of use or hobbies of each person, we only assemble the finished products according to the needs of the public. After receiving them, we can check the appearance brackets (whether the brackets balance the wheels, whether the screws are on the ground, whether the screws are complete) Continuously debugging during the process of sliding to achieve a personal sliding state, for the convenience of the parents to debug, are presented T-sleeve

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